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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Watson, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Watson

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    Guys I just finished my first aztec paint test. I am really excited about it and I need a few opinions. These pictures don't do it justice but anyway onto the pics

    Quick test aztec on 1701-A hull I am not using:

    Masking removed:

    What I used to do it:
  2. Gigatron

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    It's a chameleon/prismatic paint? That's pretty * cool.

    I see at least 3 colors; green, blue and red. Does it say how many colors are supposed to be visible? I know Alclad makes 2 color change paint. Have any more info on this paint (i.e. will clean up like normal enamel (testors thinners) or can you only use nail polish remover / acetone)?

  3. Watson

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    I have only used acetone but I am sure you can use regular thinner as well. It is just plain ole Revlon Pearl nail polish mixed with acetone. There is also golds and silvers mixed in there as well :)

  4. Aegis159

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    Hehehe before I looked at the "paint" you used I was going to comment on how either the color in the pictures is off in spots or there's a definate color shift in your paint, hehehe.....

    Now I see why..

    Pretty ingenious..

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