P2 helmet question


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Hi, im painting a P2 stunt bio, serching for references i found this 2 "screen used", one looks to be on Stans workshop, but are very diferent in color and visor mesh, which one is correct?
And if it is the first any idea where to get that kind of mesh?

As you said, you have a stunt. The other is the Hero bio helmet. The first pic is used in batman dead end and not from the original film. The last one is. But the paint is very warn from over the years. I would go with a chrome gold for base and weather it with black and patina. As for the mesh, you can get that off of ebay. Just search for aluminium mesh. You will want a tight diamond mesh like in your last pic. Hope this helps. :)
O i feel so dumb, haha, so the first 2 are from Dead End? kudos to Sandy.
But i thought the Hero was the one like the sideshow did with the U in the brow.
I was thinking on a brown base and drybrush of airbrush a copper/gold color.
No the first one is dead end, the second is the hero and the 3rd pic is the stunt. I have spoken to ppl at stan winston studio and they say its just gold, there is no copper. Its just a trick of the light. There is copper on the armour instead.
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