P2 Elder Predator


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In the Predator 2 movie, the Elder was a P1 mask with prosthetics applied.  I thought this was a pretty cool idea, compared to sculpting another mask, so I decided to give it a try.  I sculpted the Elder prosthetics, the side horns, top head horns, forehead texture, and lower mandible bumps.  Doing it this way also allowed me to place the Elder prosthetics on other masks, giving it a completely custom look!


I hope to start painting the masks sooner rather than later, but I need to get a lot of ink as I'm currently out.

Thanks for viewing
that's pretty cool doug.  you did a good job on the thickness of the appliance that it doesn't stick too far out making it obvious what it is.
With the age the Predator gets a better look ...
That's great that you did it the same way as Winston's team.
Will follow this aging-process.
Well done!
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