P1 Elder Open-Mouth Sculpt (Grayback)- Sculpt Finished 5/3/2013

Update time

After about 2 hours work freezing my arse off in my new workshed I have called it quits for tonight as I can no longer feel my fingers

I love it Jason.  I think your going in the right direction with this.  Gonna have one cast up by the time I get Lee's torso?  :D

Thanks guys

@ Chris looking forward to seeing what you come up with next my friend

@ Brian you now what, you maybe getting both torso and mask in your parcel. Hoping to have this finished by end of the month.
Thanks bud, I like doing custom work as well as mixing up with an existing design. You can use the existing design as a base structure and then through your imagination at it and you'll be amazed the work you can create

Took a close up of the mouth details minus the teeth and mandibles

Excuse me while I go get a towel to wipe the drool from my face...

That looks fantastic Jason.  It looks like your getting close to molding this guy.  I hope your planning on taking and posting pics of that process as well.

Thanks Tony, still working on the horns, thinking of working them into the crest area slightly, we shall see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully I can also finish 'macking out' the back into shape
Thanks guys really appreciate the feedback, it means a lot. @Brian come on down and bring a pen and note pad lol ad Josè thank you some much for your kind words
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