Oubliette Thermal Detonator Design: Open Source on May 4th



On May 4th, I'll be releasing the digital files for my Thermal Detonator prop, to the fan community at large, to use as they see fit, as a thank you for their support and a way to give back to those who have a deep passion for Star Wars costuming and collecting.

It started out as a kit-bashed resin sculpture and became a digital model, making to cleaner and more efficient, and now, something, anyone with the use of a 3D printer can create for themselves. It's my hope that this will provide a resource for those who have, in the time I have been distracted with other things, desired one of these props.

In the past, there have been issues of availability, recasting (poorly) of my design, time constraints and difficulties when I have tried to let others cast my design for me, while trying to maintain control of the design I'd created. Ultimately, I have learned that there is no such things as control, the harder I griped it, the less I control I had, or at least, things suffered and this has failed in every case to satisfy my sense of ethics and quality. I think there's a Yoda-ism in here somewhere, but the end result is, lack of control is the key to control.

In releasing this 3D file, it will put the power to create, into the hands of everyone and I hope, encourage more people to build their own props. I'll also make the prop available for print-on-demand available on Shapeways, should you wish to support my future work but you don't HAVE to. I will not have exclusivity on this design.

This design is, as of May 4th, 2015, "Open Source". Make it, sell it, trade it, give it away as you see fit, provided the naming attribution is included; eg. "The Oubliette Thermal Detonator" or "Oubliette's Thermal Detonator", a common convention in the prop building community, allowing people to know exactly what style of design they're to expect. Yes, I know that Star Wars created the original but mine is not 1:1 and Lucas Arts has always been great about allowing the costuming and prop making community to build and trade their own crafts and it seems that the Disney merger changed nothing, and that's excellent.

On May 4th, go to http://www.theoubliette.net/detonator/ for more information.

Thank you and may the 4th/force be with you,

Happy May 4th! As promised, here's my thermal detonator prop file, available to the public and do so in deepest thanks to all the great crafters and enthusiasts of the prop building and costuming communities who have supported me over the years, all the amazing artists at LucasArts / LucasFilm who have inspired this design as well as made fantastic film that I have spent far too much time enjoying. Finally a big thanks to everyone out there making really cool things for others to enjoy. I firmly believe that open-source licenses on prop designs is the way to go. Everyone benefits and the community and artists can grow their skills in leaps and bounds. This one is provided with an Attribution CC License, so have fun!

On the chance that you're not in possession of a 3D printer, or want an easy way to get the item you want now and support my work, I have also placed the detonator prop for sale in my Shapeways shop, here:


Thank you, and may the 4th be with you,

Download the 3D .STL file here:

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