OT ?... I think not: Strike Team props: ripoff?


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Hello everyone! I'm pretty new here, I discovered this forum only a few weeks ago, and I regret I didn't find it earlier, because I have a problem that I would never have had otherwise...

Here is my problem: In September I discovered http://www.striketeamprops.com, after I lost an auction on ebay: Clint StLaurent the owner contacted me to let me know about his work...
I started to discuss it around me, I had very good contacts with Clint, and eventually I decided to make a group order with friends, so that we would get lower prices.
So it went, we ordered a bunch of things, I collected the money and by mid-November Clint had my final order, and I had sent an international bank check to pay... He received it in December. It then became very difficult to have any contact with Clint, he wasn't much available, and he told me there had been some time when there were enhancements going on his phone line and so he had been out of reach for a while... I inquired about my order status (it was late January), he answered the items would be ready to ship by the beginning of February.
Since then, I've had no other news from him, he doesn't answer to my e-mails and of course I haven't received my order. Living in France there are other reasons that could explain a delay... but not a 4 month delivery delay! The other thing is that I can't start research with postal services since only the sender can do it. It leaves me completely powerless. I asked Clint to do the proper formalities, but he didn't answer it either.

So I made this post to try to reach other people that may have done business with Clint and would be able to tell me if something such has happened before or if his shop went down... His website hasn't been updated since March either... He really gives no sign of life.

Anyone here I'm open to suggestions. i'm not sure sure that even calling to a lawyer would help anyway...


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A friendly word of advice: Put "Striketeamprops: ripoff?" or some other signifying bit of information in your thread title--people are more likely to click on it and give you the help you need.

I have had no experience with them and I'm not stateside either, so... Anyway good luck.



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Gone but not forgotten.
I'm sorry to hear for your loss's...
And I'm afriad htey may very well BE
LOSS'S !!!!

Clint is a SCAMMER !!!

He's been getting into trouble for
a long time now. I know he got it
BIG TIME from EBAY some time back for
selling Farscape Prop's !

I hope you do manage to get something
out of that jerk. But I can't offer
any advice of how though ? Hopefully some
of the other guy's here more knowledgeable
about the Law can help you out ?
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