Oni / Buhal'ra (Southeast Asian / Pacific) Yautja


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Oh yeah, with the polyurethane resin coming, I wanted to ask you guys on how best to cast those mandibles..see, on page 5, I made a cast from epoxy resin a few months back and wasn't really too happy about it. I know some people use latex for the mandibles and resin for the tusks, but if I wanted to cast them as 1, and with polyurethane resin, should I make a 2 part mould, split in the middle and the mandibles+tusks lying on its side? Open to suggestions all, thanks so much! :D


Need to retouch those as they already came out of a silicone mould, but mandibles are chavant and tusks are baked fimo clay. Cheers!


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So, wait, nic, do I pour a little bit first, then wait a few mins, then put the mandible..or put the mandible, then pour till it gets to about half of the mandible? Wouldn't the underside peak out a little, since it's lying on the side?


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Pour it over the mandible. I'm not sure what you mean by "the underside peaking out since it's laying on its side". You should have half the mandible submerged in (WED) clay, while the other half is that is above the clay gets molded.

Essentially just make the mold the same way as these guys, just that yours is a mandible(s).


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Hello everyone! Thank you so much again for the warm welcome! It's really an honour and privilege to join you all, fellow Yautja enthusiasts! :) Just wanted to share this experience of mine with all you wonderful people. Sorry for the wall of text coming your way!

My fascination with the Yautja began of course when I saw the Original Predator on betamax. From then on I was hooked. I love Arnold, but deep inside I was always rooting for the Jungle Hunter. Then came Predator 2, and it dragged me further down the rabbit hole ;P I wanted more...then came AVP, requiem and predators, and though a lot of critics weren't too amazed by them, I didn't care, YAUTJA on the big screen...I took it all in :)

My "1st" build was actually about 17 years ago, back in '99, for a University parade. Still looking for those pics, but suffice to say, it wasn't the most flash of costumes. But I loved it and loved making it. I always promised myself I would do a better one in the future, and I guess that 'future' is now or never ;P A few weeks ago I started brainstorming, which Predator should I make? They're all great, but see, I love making my own characters based on a certain IP/universe, then putting my own personal twist on it. I.e., I'm also a big fan of Star Wars, but I would never cosplay Vader or Boba Fett, i'd rather cosplay as an unknown sith or jedi, or as an unknown mandalorian, that way I could make up BG stories on my own for my characters, and not sort of embarrass myself because I couldn't pull off Han's signature wink. But that's just the way I am. So it had to be a custom. My very own Yautja :)

And for good reason too. See, I'm ethnically Southeast Asian(Malay race Malay race - Wikipedia), but I call New Zealand, home. Being SEAsian, I'm short(not saying all of us are, just on average ;P). Like 5'6" short. Even if I plan to add a total of 4-5 inches to my suit, I would still be less than 6'0". When I told a friend of mine(he's 6'1") my plans of making a suit, he actually said, "That's cool, but how you gonna pull it off, you're short?" *sigh. But I won't give up!

Wreav posted a map of Yautja Prime before, and it showed where the different predators came from geographically. Let's Start a discussion, what is your favorite predator? In any form media? . Pretty much like how we have latinos, blacks, caucasians, asians and of course malays around our world, why couldn't Yautja Prime be the same? I see the Elder predator and his crew(pred 2) as sort of latinos or afrikans. Scar, Celtic and Chopper, first time I saw them, thought "these young bloods are buffed as..." Like the pic showed, probabaly "Viking like danes". So, I thought, why couldn't there be like pygmy(sort of) malay warriors? :)

So my plan is to build, Isubomo, the Oni/Buhal'ra Yautja :p
View attachment 130030
Oni is Japanese and Buhal'ra is Filipino(warped) for Ogre. He's a Yautja from a place on Yautja Prime where the hunters are a bit shorter, but faster, and a bit more athletic too! Basically, he's like Manito (Ernie Reyes jr.) in the rundown, where he takes on the Rock or Mad Dog (Yayan Ruhian) in the Raid: Redemption(if you haven't watched this, you should! :D). Both small, but quick and deadly.
His Bio Helmet has elements and is a play on the traditional Asian demon/ogre masks.
View attachment 130031
He's mainly a brawler, so he doesn't have a laser shoulder cannon as he wants to fight his prey up close and personal. No killing/hunting from cloaked and not much from afar(if there was it would be from a throwing ax or knife). So it's all melee weapons for him...his 2 wrist blades come out from the sides and in that position as this is more suited to his fighting style more, rather than just swinging it heavily around. He uses these like a baton (can extend forward and backwards, same length)and uses it to parry as well other defensive swings. The blade has Yautja design elements, but ultimately all his melee weapons will be based on early Philippine tribal weapons. (a lot of good inspiration source here! : The Collection of Primitive Weapons and Armor of the Philippine Islands in the United States National Museum). The clothing will have Philippine/Pacific patterns on them as well as some other asian characters from his 'time' spent on the islands this part of the earth. His Armor, well, I'd have to say I defaulted to the traditional Samurai armor, purely because the pacific people/SEAns didn't utilize much armor in the past, and I wanted him showing of something 'Bushido' as well. Honourable Badass, kills only when needed and with a just cause. ;P His whole body will be full of tattoos as well, and maybe a little bit of Ta moko to honour the Pacific people he fought with. Some more early concepts of him, will be continously updating, right now, I'm just waiting for my Chavant to arrive so I can start sculpting the head, will post that soon once I;m happy with the progress! For now, thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed as much as I enjoyed writing it, have a good day everyone :D

Cheers and thanks!

View attachment 130032
Awesome designs!!! Cant wait to see this a reality!


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Happy NEW YEAR everyone!!! :D

Hope everyone is doing fine, I know I haven't been on for quite some time, my sincerest apologies, but as I've told Nic and Wreav, something came up and I sort of hit a life bump...and I couldn't focus on some aspects in my life and unfortunately, this was one of them...still at my ****** ol' job with ****** ol' pay, and with my daughter having swimming classes, plus gymnastics and music lessons, and my boy doing daycare, financially, my 'Pred project' is at the lowest priority. Still hanging on and waiting for that one magic phone call!

Well, enough drama, story time! Something wonderful happened just a few weeks back. One of my mentors here in NZ (and fast becoming a great friend) that I've had the good fortune of getting to know when I started this project asked for my help as he knew graphics design was one of my fortes. He asked me if I could do a rebranding of one of his special make-up kits that he sells. I was more than happy to do it for free in exchange for all the advise and guidance he's shared with me throughout the project, but he wouldn't allow me to. So he gave me a really nice offer. I do the rebranding, and he gives me a 1kg 75D polyurethane casting resin (from his shop), some home made oil clay and his old airbrush kit. Mind.blown. Was literally in tears of gratefulness, life shuts a door, but opens a window!!!

He's just shipped it out today, so hopefully it'll be here by the weeks end! Can't wait! XD

Thanks everyone, shout out especially to Nic, you crazy boy, for keeping in touch and making sure I wasn't dead or have lost my way. Hope I can catch up ;P

I don't think I've posted this up yet, not as flash as Wreavs of course..but..Quills!
View attachment 218888

Hot dang, SUGRU is the sh*t. If you don't know about it yet, google it. So easy and fun to use, and when they dry up, you can bend those quills like Beckham and they'll retain their form no matter what. Thanks Wreav! Not sure if that's enough for the head, but that's just from 1 pack, still have 3 more packs! Also got more Chavant...;D

What a great uplifting read! Glad things are falling into place with you man and even though I don't come on here enough it still blows my mind the stuff you guys create, all the best for 2017 to one and all\m/


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Unfortunately, it hasn't. Friend got really busy at his store (which is good), so was only able to send it 2 days ago..Hopefully, it would be waiting for me later and I can start making something this weekend! :D

Go Help out Dillon! And off my lawn! XD


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Care package arrived :D

The polyurethane resin worked better than I hoped! :D I was definitely using the wrong resin before, this stuff is cooler! So stoked!

Little bit of bubbles, but it’s not really obvious and can easily fill it with bonds or something similar :D Definitely gonna use this set now! You can easily see the difference between the 2.

Airbrush didn’t come with compressor though ;P Paging M77, I’m taking you up on that offer :D

Cheers all!


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Again, thank you for bearing with me..Naturally, I had to do a lot of repairing. I couldn't take the whole resin underskull out, it would have been all for naught if I did and well, lots of it were already 'stuck' to the latex anyway. So all I could do is repair. After I was happy with the repair (mended the resin in the spikes/crown area, kept 2 layers of resin from the upper mandible up) It was time to test it out how it fits. Sh*t. It's not even getting past my temples. f*ck me. See that jawline that separates the neck from the head itself? There use to be sturdy resin there from the repair I did. Had to destroy that again. I've literally been spending most nights for about 8 nights, just sanding, and trimming that underskull to fit my already small head. Each night, I sand and trim..and Try it on and each night I bleed, literally, from scratches and gashes I get from it still not fitting..finally, on the 8th night, I don't get a scratch! But what I do get is a pain on my forehead. The mask finally gets past my temples, but stops at my forehead because the edge of the mask where the snout is, is hitting it. Will it ever end??!

After a few more nights of sanding, i finally realized why it was still too small. The back part of the skull was still too enclosed. see the bottom of the skull right exactly where it meets the top of the neck? That's the point where the resin ran down to. That thick, pure, solid, Mountain resistant resin.
View attachment 131965
I had to hammer 5x 1mm nails about 4mm deep, then use a hammer and chisel with great, great effort to finally knock these out..Yeah, didn't have a drill or dremmel..the thickest that came out was about 16mm thick, and that wasn't actually the thickest yet. It's still on that head. My realization was indeed correct. After taking that chunk out and a littel bit more sanding to smoothen it out..

View attachment 131966 It finally fit! Still a tight fit and a lot of more sanding still, but Oh God, Finally... I've measured myself again with it, and it's added another 14cm to my height, so I'm 5'9" in it now! (5.97 to be exact!), So I only need atleast another 2-3 inches in the feet area (going for a pygmy predator, remember? ;p) Thank you Custom Gods, for helping me keep my sanity through all this, I bet there are still more to come, but I welcome thee with open arms and an open mind!!! I've certainly learned a lot!

Quills and paint time!!!
That looks incredible


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Oh, ho ho.. So it’s like that ey? Ya cheeky fellas! XD

Fine, It’s not much, but this is what I’ve done lately…since I’m STILL saving up for a compressor, I chose to focus on a different aspect of the build for now…Which, when I think about it, I kinda ok, nay, like it better than I’ll be doing all the painting later. So I’ll most likely finish the whole suit first (torso, legs, hands & feet) first before I even start painting them all together.


Put the mandibles in temporarily using nail screws so I could make a more exact mould of the face for a better fitting Bio mask. Yes, had to ‘destroy’ the old one unfortunately, but I’m confident this is gonna work! I hope. ;P Got to spend an hour last night on it, need to melt more clay! Super WIP. Cheers!

Happy now? ;P

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