Oni / Buhal'ra (Southeast Asian / Pacific) Yautja


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Also, when I was doing the left feet and leaving it to dry at some stages, was also doing this...

1.5 hours in, first time using WED clay... ;D


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Oi, you never told me you finished casting the feet. They look great :) I know you were abit annoyed at how difficult it is to clean some of the clay stuck in the recess areas


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Awesome Work Isubomo!!!!! Can i ask you a little favor.... if I can use your body suit concept art (For the pose of the Yautja)? I mean use it as a model to create Jir'Xar (My elder Yautja) please my friend?


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Stop lurking, you! People like seeing what you're up to. (PS: not complaining I get to see the magic before they get on this forum :'D hahaabahaha power of friendship)


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I'm shy..LOL

Kk, serious note, didn't want to post as I wasn't sure how everything would come out. I promised myself I would only post after the 'battle' has been won! And it sort of has.. ;)

So, this was around the first week of July, first time working with WED clay, and I was sort of savouring every moment of it..This was I believe, the 3rd night of working on it, prolly looking at a total of 5 hours worth of sculpt..Normally, I sculpt from memory, meaning I like giving myself a little challenge and not look at any reference material, which I did the first 2 nights and majority of the front..but the Back gave me a bit of a problem, where it was sort of uncharted territory for me, so had to print me out some muscle sketches from online..

Wreav has seen all of this as I was pestering him a lot for tips and advise during all of this..LOL and like I told him, at first, at first..I LOVED WED clay, I mean, just slapping on those large chunks was a delight and easy..minimal smell..and you can just smoothen things out with a spray can full of water...


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But, the biggest downside to WED clay is that, since its water based, you're basically working against the clock as it dries up over time..based on some videos I watched, I covered it every night, once I'm done with sculpting, with damp cloth/paper and under a large plastic bag, the first 2 pics below were around the 5th night working on it. I heard that you might need to let the WED 'dry' out a little so you can better sculpt details (Wet WED is too soft to hold detail)..so I did just that..but being a complete noob...I might have overdone it a little..as evident on the 3rd pic onwards.. >.<

This was about the 7th night working on it, and when the cracks started appearing, I went into overdrive, but in doing so, I wasn't enjoying it as much as I wanted to anymore, but I was just sculpting to save the whole thing..I would have wanted more details or added more stuff here and there, but given the circumstance, it was less details or no torso at all.. hence, the 'Battle of the Bod'..LOL

*Oh yeah, I had to put the wire in as the whole sculpt was getting too heavy (at this point it was about 60lbs), most especially at the back and the steel rods holding it upright were starting to bend backwards..


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okay, I might have overdone the 'drying out' part a lot... >.< Huge chunks were falling off everywhere..it was a couple of days of going to work, then on the way home, I'll be praying that no other large chunks have fallen off..or guessing how many did and how large...

But Kiwi Ingenuity to the rescue! Superglue and clay patching...fun times... >.< pulled so much of my hair out at this point...and I wasn't even finished with putting details on the back!


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Cheers J! :D

Some more progress pics...Umm, WED clay gets molds...and..when it fully hardens, PITA to get out of the mould, LOL..work area was like a quarry on some days, and when I had taken out 90% of it was I only able to give it a 'bath'. Literally took the mould with me inside the shower and scrubbed..it was like having an intimate moment with..myself..LOLOLOLOL XD
Those molds are looking incredible. You must be really pleased with the result - especially considering the cracking !!
I would've probably just cried :cry::cry::cry:


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Thanks Ugly ;D Yes, they're not pretty if you take a closer look, but they're mine and I'm pleased to have done something like that on my first try :) Cheers! Believe me, I almost lost it during this time... >.<
But.. After what felt like an eternity and numerous struggles/hurdles with the torso, I'm ecstatic to come out triumphant!
:D My first torso/suit pull!!! It's far from perfect, but it fits like a glove!!! Well, a tight one (time to hit the gym!), but it's mine, all mine! Thanks for all those who gave tips and advices, and for all the support! More pics soon, I just have to 'clean' and 'trim' it up, plus haven't closed the back yet, so the shoulders are looking a little droopy... and I realise, it's so rough (because of all the cracks the sculpt had), but I LOVE how it makes him so battle scarred, he's my salt n peppa veteran ;P

-2nd pic was my 3 y.o. son's idea(he took the photo!), he recognized me as the Predator from the DVD! (yes, he's already watched the original Predator and loved it ;P) Enjoy the rest of the weekend all!
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