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Hey all just saw a clip of the trailer from star wars the old republic does any one know the charecters from this game im trying to find info on wookiepedia and nada hes a galactic cowboy kinda guy, cowboy hat two blasters at his side. Any one know or have photos???? Thanks!


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He's one of the "smuggler class" characters


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Since The Old Republic is a MMORPG, that is probably just a character created by the developers in game to show off the Smuggler Class. So it's not going to have any "official" info on it because it's not an in game character.

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His name is Captain Nico Okarr, which can be found on the Droid T7-01's page on TOR Holonet under Famous Partners.

So far it looks like most of the characters in the trailers are going to be characters in the game, so maybe we'll see more of him. His voice actor in the trailer, John DiMaggio, has been confirmed as a voice actor in the game.


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guys need photo stills of the smuggler of Captain Nico Okarr from old republic can you help???? i need to locate this style had workin on costume. any ideas of this style???? thought it was a gambler style. but not trying to create his outfitt to a T. im a solo fan so this guy seem to hold the torch for a pre han. can you all help??? thanks!


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I've yet to see him in the actual game, besides for the opening cut scene (I'm in the beta.. tho i do play sith side so that might be why)


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There are lots of people playing Beta and a few have been able to post snippets of teasers but nothing much more due to NDAs :) I do not Shae, Malgus and Satele are definitely in game (You can see them all in the latest game trailor) but given how early the video is set where the smuggler appears it may be a long shot to see him in game?

By replying I'm hoping to bump your thread for anyone to contact you ;) You never know... Bioware do follow fans.. and it may be sorta how I maybe kinda have some nice sources for my own Shae costume ;)

Lucien Kane

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Not sure if he's in the game... the Jedi are running around with his droid. So.... we'll see, but if you want costume shots the best bet is screenshotting him from the trailer


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I am in the BETA at the moment and I can say that if you are looking for NPC's from the Trailers in the actual game, let me say that you wont be disappointed.
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