Suggestion Off-Site Private Message Viewer (PMV v1.0) (open source/free)


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With the current issues with the forum, specifically the random loss of private messages (PM's)..

And the staff notification/recommendation to back-up these messages periodically, I created an off-site viewer of your private messages files.

Noted here:

The RPF PMV v1.0

PMV = Private Message Viewer

* It only works on .xml exported file formats

* .xml file needs to be in the same directory as the main .html file

* .xml file needs to be RENAMED TO: messages.xml (as that is the file name the main .html file is looking for to load/parse)

* It only works in Firefox (as far as I know, since Chrome and IE do not allow for local file loading/access).. although there are work-arounds for Chrome if you are interested.

* Currently needs an internet connection (since it loads the jQuery library from Googles CDN) <-- * (this can be updated if requested so true off-line viewing is possible)

* II did a nice chunk of BBCode replacement.. but I'm sure I didnt catch everything..(I tried to cover everything I saw in my personal messages.. but I'm sure others have used other BBCode mark-up that I have not seen... add it to a list and I'll make updates)

Its all JS/jQuery.. no web server required,
Open source.. so feel free to use/edit (with credit given of course).....
Anyone else can throw some time at the REGEX find/replacement section to tighten up the BBCode replacement function (if they are interested)

Feedback appreciated.

* A 'dark side' version that matches the RPF forum theme/styles was started as well.. but not completed,


[removed, can no longer support favoritism/censorship with free work]
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Works great. Thanks!

Some suggestions: making it possible to order messages on title (ignoring "RE: ") or sender, would be a nice feature...
Thanks for the feedback!

I still have some more BBCode parsing to add... (I only added in replacement code for the BBCode I saw in my own messages.. I'm sure there are many others to watch for... if you see any post them!) :)

I'll looking into adding a sort feature...

You want by:

sender (or to in the sent items panel I assume?)

@ TomVDJ

* as requested!

A sortable (by name/date) version!

This is actually make this release/version 1.2

I had a 1.1 version made.. but it reloaded the page each time you 'sorted'.. hence closing the current panel you were viewing.

The 1.2 version handles it differently, (in real time sorting/displaying)

Two new buttons in upper right corner for you to use now.

let me know it pans out.

Feedback always appreciated.

Maybe I can get a sticky? :)
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OH! LOL.....

I thought you already had it! (I made the updates at your request!) :)

Cool! Just let me know!

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