NY Toy Fair February 14-17, 2015


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With the upcoming release of SW EpVII, I'm sure that Hasbro will display some of their exciting lineup. Some sites are already speculating on what is to be released. I'm sure that we won't see everything, to keep some parts o fthe storyline secret, but I'm hoping to see the new style X-wing, since it was already shown on the teaser video.
It should be a fairly exciting year for SW collectors this year.

Unfortunately, nothing really new for the first part of the year, except for a few 3.75 inch and 6 inch figures. There is some kind of flying MF knocking over Chewbaccas, but nothing for vehicles for conversions. Hasbro's cards are being held pretty close to their chest. You would think they would re-release some of their legacy stuff...like the Tyderium Shuttle....but sadly nothing yet. I guess we'll have to wait until Episode VII releases.

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