[nuBSG] My CIC Man Cave / Prop Room


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1: Welcome to my CIC Man Cave. I would say it is about 75% completed. Let me give you a quick tour...


2: This is my desk. I'm running four monitors off two PCs. What's what prop wise I'll post down the road.


3: This is my prop work desk, where I do my cutting, pasting (not the PC kind) and other physical stuff.


4: This corner is not even close to being completed. When finished, there will be a bar stool height computer desk that will resemble the hangar bay's work area.


5: Not really sure about this area yet... Just some misc storage for now.


6: My faux Adama couch with my next project on it. The mini fridge is supposed to resemble the corridor wall storage boxes...


7: The CIC exit. The door will be completely revamped. And that's a 42" LED TV on the wall that double as a PC monitor.


8: And my prop & bookshelf.

That was the five cubit tour... Down the road I'll detail many of the props and replicas seen here. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

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Ah, yes; nothing like having your own space!
So many distractions, so little time.
My corner of the basement is less finished, but that same kind of comfortable.

I have updated pics three, four, six and seven with what is there now. There are still tweeks and such that I need to do...

And thanks Philip for that little gem in pic four. ;-)

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