Mancave/Prop Room from a shipping container. Anyone done it?

I was wondering if anyone has done this and if they have any advice?

A friend got a 45' high cube to do just that (there's a lot of sizes). Depending of where you live, you'll have to insulate it, thus losing some space inside. It's resting on a concrete base (same size as the c-can) and he got an electrical connection that was installed by a pro from his house near by.
No windows (additional cost + cutting the openings and welding the frame). He kept the doors to open/close his workshop.
No insulation in the summer means that you'll cook inside if it's not protected from the sun. Winter is equally hard if you don't have a heating unit.
Your mileage might differ in terms of weather/location/use of the space.;)
Joberg is correct. I have a 40ft highcube myself. Insulation is key. I framed in a wall and entry door 7ft in from main doors. If it's going to be setting in the sun mostly, you should consider a external roof. Think of a gazebo.

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