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    Due to federal and state laws regulating the manufacture, transfer, possession, etc. of official looking government credentials such as police identification cards, RPF members are advised to check your local and state laws as well as exercise extreme caution when considering posting images of any real, replica or prop I.D. card. While laws contain some exemptions for the motion picture / TV industry and limited exemptions for collectors, it is sometimes difficult to determine precisely who is covered under those exemptions on a state to state basis.

    Modern movies often use real or very authentic looking official government credentials in their productions. While these are "props," they are stringently regulated.

    We would like to remind members that you are the “publisher” of any content you transmit through the site and we recommend that you give some consideration to limiting the upload of contemporary government credentials in high resolution or in a 1:1 format as these uploads might be downloaded and misused. This could draw unwanted attention to you as the publisher and source of the offending credential.

    Images of antique, vintage (real or replica) credentials are more acceptable as are those from non-existent agencies. If a member is uncertain, he/she should look into their local laws and consider their own liability before publishing any official looking credentials on the site.
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