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"A P.O.W escapes an enemy prison camp, must survive the dense, deadly forest. When knowledge of his escape in uncovered he becomes the most hunted man on earth."

IndieGoGo: NO ROADS LEFT - The Series

What we're looking to do is raise $5,000 for the production of 3 episodes. All the money donated will go towards production, locations, and pay for the cast and crew as well as costumes and props. If we don't reach our total goal of $5,000, we will still attempt to film it with whatever we earn. The production was originally set for a small budget, after reviewing the requirements, this budget was not sufficient enough to produce a quality show.

If you'd like to see this become a reality as much as we do, but can't donate (or already have); please help us by sharing this campaign with friends and co-workers. Basically everyone you know! Spread the word on facebook, twitter, independent film forums, blogs or any other place that more people will find out about it. Don't forget, Indie Go Go has some great "share" options right here on this page, so check them out and spread the word!

We challenge you to just share with AT LEAST one person. That could make a huge difference. If your job relates to news and media, i.e. websites, magazines, social media. It would mean the most to feature this campaign to help us.

Thank you once again for using your time to read about this. We look forward to your contribution.
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