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Darth Hogge

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Hello. I'm new to this community.

I've started my Predator cosplay 3 years ago. It's a long way to my favorite, Wolf !

I'm from Germany, 45 years old. Coming with a lovely wife and a son. My son is a Predator, too!

I'm member of the 501st, too and additional I've a Nazgul costume.
Cuttently I'm the Clan Leader/Elder of the "AvP Universe Germany" / "Predator Clan Germany"
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Schade das die gruppe scheinbar noch nicht in existenz hat als ich noch in Deutschland gewohnt habe. :(

Aber sehr tolle Predator Anzüge die ihr da habt ;)
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Thanks a lot!

It's an old pic. Since this we've some updates. I'm going to look for an actual photo in the next days. ;-)

Where do you come from and why you've left Germany?
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