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hey everyone! so this year i will be attending NYCC for the first time and i will also be cosplaying for the first time. We've decided to cosplay Star Wars...but we have some questions. I have heard a lot about people creating original characters so i think that will be our best route ( gives us more leeway and freedom...and if they suck then we don't crap on legitimate SW characters) ...

1) Is it frowned upon at all to create original characters instead of cosplaying real characters?

2) do you have any helpful tips when it comes to creating your first cosplay?

3) Is there anything specific to cosplaying Star Wars that someone should know?

- thanks for all the help!

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Mean Obiwan

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I don't think it's frowned upon by any means. Several members here have created their own original characters. Ranging from Jedi to smugglers, sith, pilots, troopers and everything in between.
I'm not sure of other members methods for creating original characters, but my tip would be to research the type of character you want to cosplay as, take references from movie (or video game/comic) characters and incorporate aspects into your own costume.
Here's one of my original costumes, I took a style of jacket that kind of reminded me of Han Solo's ESB jacket, put one shoulder pad on, an idea I got that idea from the Jedi Kyle Katarn. My character is a rebel mercenary who defected from the imperial army, and kept some sand trooper gear

image sharing

Two more tips, add greeblies, definitely. And DEFINITELY weather as much as you can. Every good Star Wars prop/costume should look like its been from one side of the galaxy to the other and back again... Several times ;)


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Around here it is frowned upon to create a thread with a very generic title. :p Other than that you should be totally fine with an original character costume. In this day and age of online information a visual research of aw apecific conventions may help ypu a lot.


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Hi there ... and welcome aboard ... the only thing that really counts is ... to have fun with whatever you choose to do at your first con ... oh perhaps you could make a lightsaber and hang it on your belt ... always a showstopper for the kids :)


division 6

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Don't give a womp rats rear about what others think, especially those in the RL.

Have fun and make what you want.

My first outfit was just a black jump suit, German officers boots and a custom saber.
I later added a cloak.

You don't have to look like Solo to be a space pirate or free trader.

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if youre not having fun.. why bother?

That being said.. if you want to be associated with the SW universe.. (depending on your character).. you can use some 'key' items to be identified as such.

Jedi/Sith: the icon lightsaber is a key component and easily associated.

Non-Jedi/Sith: Most have a 'blaster' of sorts..

belts/boots/wigs....etc,.. are all up for interpretation...

as far as suggestions.. I say get a 'goal'.. and break it up into pieces, and then work/look for each piece until you have it all together. (jacket, boots, robes,

You'll do great no matter what happens in the end!@


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Hi J,

Welcome aboard! I'm not a CosPlayer - dont have the time considering my own build. However, I've been to enough Cons to know that half, if not all, the fun is just being part of something special. Whatever you decide just have fun with it. Whether it be "just for fun" or you want to have a real SW universe used look and feel to it - have fun.

Also, take cues from other costumes- smuggler, pirate, alien, officer, guard, Jedi, Sith. The SW Universe is so vast and so open to i
nterpretation I dont think there is any one right or wrong thing to create / build. IMO, the diversity in design and execution would actually reflect the different species within the SW Universe and only compliment your work.

Just my two cents. Have fun and welcome!
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