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Hello from Germany!

I have to say that it seems to be a little bit late for me becoming a Mad Men fanatic. I have just discovered this great series and would love to have some props from it. How I wish do know about it earlier and to take part in that big auction some years ago.

After some internet research I have found "Screenbid" who seems to sell official Mad Men studio props in the past and now. But I have some doubts about them and what they are selling at the moment.

For example this item: Don's Vintage 1968 TIMEX Electic Dynabeat Timepiece

It is hard to find it on screen or any infos about it on the internet (the watch looks different). But I have found this and it shocked me:

Ebay 1968 TIMEX Watch

There are the same pictures and it looks like the exact watch !?!

Is Screenbid legit or do they sell no official props anymore? I mean everyone can write a COA today.

Thanks for your help and sorry for my horrible English

Take care

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Screenbid is legit, they usually have deals with certain movies/shows and once it's done filming they buy everything from it and list it on their website for people to bid on it. I know Prop Store currently has a couple of pieces from Mad Men as well on their website.

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