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Hi all, complete newbie here embarking on my first prop and pepakura build. I'm using firefeks file and having a good time giving the pep thing a go. I have nearly got it at resin/fibreglass stage but I am unsure if I should pep the 'ear pieces' or not. I have looked at several build threads and it appears the consensus is it may be easier to leave them off at this stage. What do you think?



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Hi there and welcome,

you're off to a great build ... soon other Fett builders will join with great advice I'm quite certain ... leave them off and add later for easier access ... my motto is K I S S = Keep It Simple Stupid ... especially when you go into unknown territory ... so yes and having fun is the main objective :)

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My first build was a pepakura helmet as well. The paper part was the easy part. The hardest was the endless bondo-sanding-bondo-sanding cycle. But all worth it in the end. Good luck witj your build!


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Nice build so far! Definitely do the ears separate. You need to check out "the Dented Helmet" there are tons of templates and tutorials. Be warned though, a Fett build is an addiction that cannot be cured :)


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Thank you for your responses. I am moving ahead without the ears at this point.

As this is a Boba Fett build do you think it would be better for me to begin a new thread over at the Dented Helmet rather than continue this one?


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I've made a little more progress.. this has been my first experience with fibreglass and bondo. I have read heaps on the forums and checked out lots of youtube vids, so I think I am going the right direction, however please let me know if you have any advice or comments or can help me do things better...

First of I resined the inside and outside and then fibreglassed just the inside:

Now was time to start my adventure with bondo, I gave the resined helmet a light sand and then jumped in. I didn't get as smooth an application as I was trying for, but I guess that will come with practice.

After a bit of sanding:

Lots more work to do... Please let me know if you think I am on the right track. I am just going to keep going with filling the gaps and sanding and filling the gaps and sanding etc... Try to get a consistent shape and then worry about the details later.


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I haven't done a pep or a helmet of any sort yet, but Fett is to be my first, so I'm greatly interested in how this process works out for you. I've done a lot of video watching and reading of builds concerning Fett as well, and it appears you are doing it the right way. Keep it up and keep posting.


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I'm lost! More bondo and sanding today, but I am feeling lost as to getting the right shape into the cheeks and creating the straight edges for the eye section. My thoughts are that is should start by putting the ridge (above the eyes) around the helmet and work from there. But I'm not sure how I am going to do that. Any ideas and what my next step should be?



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So I decided on trying some foam tape that I found. I stuck the tape around the helmet...


I then spent the next two days bondoing and sanding trying to create a nice edge..


I am having problems trying to get it right... Does anyone have any tips/techniques they could share? Is trying to bondo over a spongy foam a problem? Im currently using 120 grit sandpaper and a grinding wheel on a dremel.