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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Gytheran, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Gytheran

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    I'm curious if anyone else has seen any changes to the world of Star Wars merchandise which can be attributed to the RPF.

    For example... Rubies

    They have a toy of Darth Vader's lightsaber from ESB. The funny thing about this toy is it sports replica plastic "wires" on the sides of it. Of course Rubies probably got it directly from MR, but MR got that detail from research made here on the RPF. So in essence, had members of the RPF not discovered it, it would not likely be on the toy today.

    Of course many MR props have been influenced by RPF members, but what other items have details influenced by the RPF?
  2. lonepigeon

    lonepigeon Sr Member

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    I know Gentle Giant has used The Parts of Star Wars for reference on several occassions.
    They were the first licensee to ever get Greedo's gun correct. During approval of the sculpt they actually presented the PoSW info to Lucasfilm to show them the gun was correct.
  3. Lord Abaddon

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    Look how many members of the RPF now work in some fashion for MR? Or what about the finds for the Han and Obi-Wan props? I can tell you that many staff from ILM read the forum.

    And heck, look at the biggest SW show...Celebration. Both times, but especially at CIII, you had RPF members giving presentations, discussions, or showing off their talents (see Chris above :)).

    I'd say the RPF is definitely a presence in the SW universe.
  4. BrundelFly

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    Not much of a response to this THREAD..but...Ill jump on the grenade.

    The answer is "YES....SORTA"

    "but MR got that detail from research made here on the RPF"

    Ok, does anyone really believe that?

    More likey got it from CHRONICLES or the Pics many had before the RPF was even hatched. Tim K knew about the wires LONG before RPF was even here.
    Many of the prop collectors (Those of us over 35 years of age) shared in alot of that info exchange.

    No offense, but the RPF is a small part of the collecting community.
    Maybe the most VOCAL, but a drop in the proverbial bucket.

    Kinda like...TERRORISTS...but Good ones.

    I think what you mean to say was have some of the MEMBERS (OLD and NEW) of the RPF had any influence.

    The answer there is a definate YES.

    MR didnt approach the RPF for info, members who started MR (Like Steve D who has since left MR btw) , or were hired by MR as consultants ( me being one of them) happen to be MEMBERS of the RPF and have contributed here, as well as benefited from the RPF's existence.

    I think RPF members should indeed pat themeselves on the back for some of that influence, just dont get TOO FULL of yourselves ( I include myself ). There is SO MUCH that goes on behind the scenes that is COMPLETLY independent of the RPF it's not even funny.

    My point is ALL PROP info did not start with the RPF. To suggest such a thing is a bit of a stretch.

    So, thats why he answer to your topic is.."Yes, ...sorta"


  5. KevVader

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    :lol ....I love that line....
  6. Apollo

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    I was wondering when that would make it to this Board ;)
  7. Durasteel Corporation

    Durasteel Corporation Well-Known Member

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    Sure, we all have.

    But I think the greatest contribution would have to be the brainstorming power that goes on.

    "We" have imagined and solved a number of mysteries from the Solo blaster, to a range of parts....but we have collectively thought-through issues that would be of great conceptual use to the folks at ILM or whomever.

    So yeah I think so.
  8. BrundelFly

    BrundelFly Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    You mean it hasnt?
    I need to come here more often.

    Im SO out of the loop.

  9. hydin

    hydin Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    first i heard of it. wow. if someone can, pm me the story (neutrally written please).

    as far as we go..... i gotta agree with brundlefly. we got lucky when we had steve and larry working for MR going bonkers like the rest of us trying to figure out that one shiny thing, but 99.99999999% of it comes from the archives or stock footage or private collectors.

    i think we help decide what gets offered up though, moreso than what details are in what. i think we are a "Test group" for the sales team :lol

  10. TK171

    TK171 Well-Known Member

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    "I'm curious if anyone else has seen any changes to the world of Star Wars merchandise which can be attributed to the RPF."

    licensed or unlicensed?

    SW merchanise could include all the stuff people have made/bought/modified in the JY/Ebay/Elsewhere. (unlicensed)

    so in a sense.. yeah, sure.. And I might add alot of NIce changes too. More accurate with finds/research/and the like the the RPF does as a community.
  11. p0sitr0nic

    p0sitr0nic Well-Known Member

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    Hey, if the 501st can become a canon squad, maybe the "RPF" can be some kind of fact finding team in the EU ... >.>

    Then, the RPF would really have become part of star wars lore... :thumbsup
  12. Gytheran

    Gytheran Sr Member

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    Frank, no one suggested that. The question was what *HAS* been influenced by members here, but thanks for putting a negative spin to the thread. :confused

    How about mentioning your own influence on the MR Training Remote?
  13. Sluis Van Shipyards

    Sluis Van Shipyards Master Member

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    Hey, I prefer to be called an "Anarchist". :lol
  14. SithLord

    SithLord Sr Member

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    It would be nice if it did....I wonder if we are simply the vocal chords of the prop collecting community rather than the voice? LFL and it's licencees seem to act within their own concept of what props should look like. They do appear to respond to demand for product, however.


  15. BrundelFly

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    Had I mentioned the remote Im sure someone would have responded with "there ya go again about the remote" perhaps you? Be honest now. ha.

    I just can't get a break can I?

    And...I dont think I put a negative spin on anything.

    I agree with you in principle, just not to the extent that your original question implied.

    Don't read more into it for the sake of starting a flame war.

    Some of us have grown past that.

  16. Gytheran

    Gytheran Sr Member

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    No, I wouldn't. It was my assumption you were past that... especially since it has been mentioned that you have been working with MR since then.

    If not your influence on the remote, how about the Falcon?
  17. Durasteel Corporation

    Durasteel Corporation Well-Known Member

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    There is *....and then marketable.

    And then there is * marketability which is another topic all together. :D

    It also seems as though there is a realization that we, the geeks at large, do keep the inquisitive motors well oiled and running....

    ...and I think its more than fair to say our community in general, ie, the first on the scene with prop X or costume X, is good testing grounds for larger, greater interest in terms of a larger demographic. Because its also clear that some people who make, dont buy....some who buy...never make.....some do both.

    I do tend to think that MR, fills many of those niches, but is obviously geared for the collector vs. hobbiest in the broad sense of the term. The RPF like many webboards in general is also more geared for the hobbiest given the nature of the projects that surface.
  18. BrundelFly

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    Then Gytheran, I take you at your word re: the remote.
    And yes, Im over it.

    Re: the falcon, I think our influence was significant. It's hard to talk about it, and I cant yet officially, without sounding like your tooting your own horn.

    I think its gonna be amazing and the ultimate MR collectible.



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