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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by tvpastcom, Dec 5, 2005.

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    Hello All,

    I am tvpastcom; and I am brand new to this forum and I am a prop enthusiast.
    The only prop that I current make is the Voyagers. Replica Guide Book. I thought I would include some pics here if anybody is interested.

    Highlights Are: Genuine soft leather, just like in the show - Professionally Bound (Not fake leather or an insert)
    Working Replica Prop, NOT a blank book
    Voyager "V" logo cast in a quality die, heated and striked to the soft leather - will last for ever.
    Contains Omni Field Stripping Guide
    Overall Omni Schematics from multiple angles.
    Illustrations are in both color and B/W on quality glossy paper.

    Since the pictures are rather large I will put the URL's for them. Please click below. Front View Omni Parts Table of Contents Rules of Conduct V Close Up Omni field stripping guide Omni field stripping guide Voyager Rules of Conduct
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    Fun stuff. always good to see Voyagers stuff.
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    Anybody like the female Voyager Olivia?
    Man she was hot back then, too be sure.
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    Congratulations to the Gentlmen who reproduced Rob Werden's Voyagers Omni
    Bravo. Cheers. Well Done :)
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