New TE Stormtrooper Helmet with bumpy cap and back


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Here are some pictures of my new helmet of TE matt which he has signed as his last helmet ever made next to my sds stunt helmet ?


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Cool..... I love TE's stuff. Heck, I love em all. TE, GF, GINO/CRPROPS, ABS80, AP. Just wish I had enough money to buy it all......... I am working on it though..... Sell more of my toys..................................


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Originally posted by RKW@Feb 8 2006, 09:38 PM
The master and the apprentice side by side.

Very nice.

Yes but which was killed? The Master or the apprentice?



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man, i hate you for that. :angry

no really... be proud to have the last TE helmet he made. :thumbsup


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Nice. I hope the new owner of TE's moulds starts making helms soon. I opted for the "cleaned" cap/back. I'd love to have a "bumpy" one as well.