New Silence of the Lambs prop to go with my Hannibal signed photo.


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Where did you find that moth? My cousin is getting married and his future wife's father works in the music industry and will be having the reception on his property and his next door neighbors property as well who just happens to be the one and only Ted Levine. So that would be awesome to get autographed if I could get me hands on one. More info please.



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VERY NICE. Fantastic presentation. Where did you get it from? I've been looking for one for a while.

The Hopkinator

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Hey guys,,The moth is more commonly known as a "Deaths Head Moth" . Blacklion sometimes has a display booth with tons of exotic insects very nicely preserved in glass,like that one. If theres not a blacklion near you, search deaths head Moth on ebay,, there is usually one there too.