The Walking Dead: So happy with my new walnut Colt Python grips on my Kokusai Colt Python!


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I have a metal Colt Python replica for a while now. Although it's a great replica by Kokusai, the plastic grips always bothered me. So recently I bougt some walnut wood grips from the Tanaka brand (airsoft), and those arrived today. Needed to sand down two parts on the inside to make the grips fit, but my Colt Python looks MUCH better now! The tone of the wood is a little bit too dark, so if somebody knows how to gently lighten the tone a bit, please let me know.

This is how the revolver looks now (in the picture the color of the grips looks a bit lighter than it is in real life):


And as a reference, a screenshot from the series:

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Since I was not 100% happy with the darker tone on the grips, I went looking for brighter ones with a bit more grain pattern... And found them! These grips are just spot on!

New grips our mounted on the gun, and I've put the old ones besides them for comparison. In real life, the difference in tone is even more than what can be seen in the picture.


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