New Robin Mask from Batman Forever (NEED HELP)


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I recently purchased a Robin mask from Batman Forever. The sculpt looks right on, but the material and weight of the piece raises some questions for me. It is a dense urethane and a little thicker than I would expect. This will be the first Batman prop I have ever owned and just want to make sure it's 100% authentic before I feel proud to have it.

You can see this mask on and my user name is "sllimyar".

Thanks for your help!



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This mask may be listed as an "original" but I highly doubt that it is. As a disclaimer: I have no idea where the original costume piece is currently living. That said, the original piece looks like a rigid mask, probably molded from a life cast of O'Donnell's face. As this looks to be a urethane rubber material, I do not think this is the "production used" prop.


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The mask I have is rigid. It's a dense urethane. It's flexible to an extent but is rigid for the most part. I purchased it's from a know prop dealer, but like i said, I have questions about it. Thanks for your input!

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