New Project - My Son's Desert Skiff Bed


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Hadn't seen this thread until today, but I'm with everyone else. Awesome work, great dad, and very lucky kid. I recently painted a room to look like space ... but that was for my inner kid. ;) Excellent work. My GF's daughter hasn't seen SW yet, but likes robots; maybe some day I'll have a chance to do something like this. :)

And kudos again to the donation of the rug. I love when "Pay it forward" comes into play in our community. :)

I only see one tragic problem with this whole project. When he goes off to college, and takes the bed (you know he will), your walls will be out of context. ;)



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I'm new to these forums but I've got to say this is absolutely fantastic work on both a prop building level and a parenting level, you've done your son proud that's for damn sure.

This is the type of build that while not the most accurate is something that stands out of the crowd for all the right reasons, I tip my hat to you bro.

If this is the type of people that frequent these forums than I'm really happy I found the RPF.



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Wow, your kids are incredibly lucky! I have absolutly no skill in building unless you need a Hallloween cemetery fence lol Awesome job with both these projects.


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I can seriously imagine your kid forcing toys off the bed and into the rug. Has he done that to you yet?
No toys yet, but he likes jumping off the bed right into the middle of the rug.

Glad to see people are still checking this out!


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This is very inspiring, I hope to try projects like this one day for my son. Such a thing is very rare, you deserve all the kudos in the world!


I just read through this and all I can say is, WOW. You did a fantastic job, and have sold yourself short on your skill. The room looks great, and I'm sure your son is over the yop with it. My son was peeking over my shoulder and said "Dad, can we do something like that in my room?" Needless to say, I think I'm gonna have a new project very soon. Good job on the whole thing!



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Dude, seriously!? That's brilliant! Kudos to you. And your son, for his awesome room!
You're in Gibert? I'm in Havasu. I didn't know there were others [here,] on earth's Tatooine!


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Can hardly believe I finished this project over 2 years ago, and I hate to dig up an old thread, but I really wanted to share this because I thought it was great. Not too long ago my wife asked me to type out some notes of this build. Now that my son can read, she said she wanted to show him pictures of the build and have him read it out loud every now and then before he goes to bed. I had no idea that she planned on turning this into an early Father's Day gift.

She took what I wrote, along with the pictures I saved, and uploaded everything and made this book! It's awesome; it's about 25 pages long, has hard covers, a glossy front, and a very touching message on the last page (which is too personal to share, sorry). Not only did I not know she was going to make this, I didn't know she had never actually had him read anything. Why? She was waiting for the book to come in, so I could lay next to him and be the first to hear him read it.

I wish I could put into words the feeling of sitting their next to my son, in the bed we built together, listening to him tell me the story of how it was all done. I honestly don't think there's much more that can make you feel like that. And you should've seen his face when he read the last page. What an absolutely incredible experience.






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