My new Young Indy Diary by K. Maxwell


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Hi guys,
usually I not post in any forum items from my collection (I have a yourprops page for it), but this item deserve to be anywhere.
This is a Young Indy Diary (made on a Magnoli blank book) made by the Australian Artist Kathy Maxwell. katmax

This is one of the best thing I have in my collection.
First of all, it is important to say that this diary is not printed, but each pages, each draws, everything inside is made by hand, page by page. You can see in the pics how beautiful it is!
She start from the beginning of the Young Indy Series and arrived to Atlantis, including all novels, books, comics, movies, series, etc...
Some inserts are genuine inserts from era, like banknote, tickets etc.

What I could say more if not that this is one of the masterpiece of my collection (and I have a BIG collection).

This diary is really rare cause she made ONLY 3 books: one for her, one for my dear fiend and collector thegreatgalling and one for me. So this is a ULTRA rare item.

Thanks Kathy, you created something unbelievable!





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