NEW PART FOUND - Well for me anyway.


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Not sure how much of a revelation this may be to you guys but I've been looking for this for a while, without knowing if it was even real.

In our run of 2001 Helmets there is part on the back of the removable Memory Packs that was a suspected model part. I call it the "Ladder".


So we made up a 3D model


Had them printed


Then just as I was just about to dump rubber over my masters. It came to light that one of the members in the run had identified and acquired the part.

An HO Scale building.

Faller B-905


The window frames are the "ladder".



These were also used on a Studio Scale model of one of the missile platforms from 2001.


and some other pieces on the Moon bus.

Although I posted this, ALL the info came from another member here who gave me permission to post it.

THANKS to that member for the open information policy he has.


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Hah! Thats awesome! I love seeing things like this - random pieces of a prop coming from a random source. Big ups to the guys who the idea in the first place hehe.
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