New Moon Props: Alas, Yodasaber...

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Wakal, Feb 24, 2006.

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    While there are a lot of folks recasting my work, at least this guy uses decent resin and charges the same money that I used to (back when I may or may not have engaged in such transactions).

    I'm sure about the Yodasaber...the proportions on the wee beastie are SO off that it is an easy tell. My buddy Bill machined it in an afternoon on his Smithy as a goof; there was enough interest to make a few as paperweights.

    The sprues and casting flaws on several of his other pieces look like mine, too, but isn't like he is charging much :lol (known recasters) (known troublemakers ;) )

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    Just to add to this thread & for future reference............

    Bastar*s! They've recast my Starship Troopers badge set!

    Starship Troopers Belt Buckle badge
    Squad Leader Badge
    Intelligence Cap Device (actually Colonel's Cap Badge)
    Fleet Wings :(

    I was going to say a couple of the B5 badges are mine as well, but the link is missing a feature and the dimensions are slightly different.

    Ooh! I feel violated! :(

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