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Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by DeanPJedi, May 6, 2012.

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    Hi guys! I got back into star wars collecting before my son was born but Just getting around to joining rpf as I've lurked here for almost a decade and just never big on sitting at computer and typing or getting involved much. I am a sculptor and well rounded fx artist so I enjoy the project aspect of the hobby. My son is now 13 months old and we have another one on the way in November so my sort of rule now days is one project at a time from start to finish. Helps to keep project on table as the only hobby focus and for me it makes a better piece as I can only do work when I have downtime alone. Saves space in small collection room as well and my goal is a modest museum-like display.

    I've always admired this forum for the precise detail that goes into a piece and making sure being finished quick is not the end game as is just putting maximum effort each step no matter how long it takes.

    Anyway first intro post and getting to my point I promise LOL. Since slowly stepping back into hobby without * my wife off too much, I've finised my home improvement craziness and finished with my tiny collection room. Besides displaying old random stuff in storage and decorating and designing strict SW theme, I've used my sculpting abilities, paining and general FX skills, electronics work, etc. to create my first projects. Anything from a higher end fx lightsaber to whatever else I created, was all important to seeing where I wanted to go with scarce hobby time.

    I've settled on obscure cantina and various alien mask/bust sculpture and finally studio scale models.

    Yes this is where you can stop scratching your head and see that this thread did involve the xwing kit!

    I was happy to see this atomic city models kit offered again and got mine directly from them. Now I know others are out there and it might not be considered the top kit anymore, but its right up my alley. Nothing brings the star wars movie magic nostalgia like the studio scale ships for me.

    I plan on utilizing a variety of my skills like painting/airbrush, electronics wiring for cockpit and other lighting , etc...

    Here's where I'm lacking and I was wondering if you guys could be of some assistance. Searching yields nothing for an instruction manual or step by step build thread. I've gone thru cleaning parts but should I just get familiar with them and build based on good movie model reference photos?

    I've built models and poured resin castings, though this is my first garage style resin kit build. I might be bad at searching but for glue I would think super glue would be best, any advice? I know resin will never melt bond like a plastic kit so not sure what I should use. My supply closet has maybe 20 different glues I've used for project and is at my disposal.

    I need to gather reference photos but am starting very soon. Sorry for long intro but I will probably post some build photos in this thread if that's cool.

    Thanks guys,
    DEAN P
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    Mainly use gap-filling superglue and email me when the assembly gets confusing!

  3. 3phase

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    You can’t beat the man above but he has some great instructions here.

  4. Robiwon

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    Super glue and accelerator. I also used 5 minute epoxy in places. I didn't know about the instruction site when I built mine. I found it about midway. I only had one question where a tiny triangular part went (on laser cannon). Have fun with it and post post lots of pics.

    Oh and welcome to the RPF!
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    Doh I didn't even think of a thicker super glue! Perfect. This will be a fun project. I am also buying death star squares for base and glass case once I finish a tie fighter kit to go with it.
  6. 3phase

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    Mine just arrived and for the money this is a really good kit. Will just have to bug Jedimaster for some pics now.
  7. Watson

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    That guys website sucks LOL

    Sorry I couldnt help it. I have built quite a few of these, the original CC's that is. She was my first true love and I have never forgotten her.

    I also took as many pictures as I could and I never remove anything from my site so they are all still up there.

    Gap filling CA is a must on this kit, and the bondo surface filler is a must as well.

    The gap filling CA can be found at any hobby store and most auto parts stores carry the bondo surface filler or something * similar.

    Let me know if you get stuck.

    aka Jades Dark Heart
    aka Blockhead Pictures

    Captain Cardboard X-Wing Page One
  8. Watson

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    BTW this thread really brings back the memories :)
  9. h3pilot

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    Makes me want to get mine out of the box and get back to work on it.
    I don't have anywhere to put it when its done though!

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