New Hasbro Toy Lightsabers


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The finish on the neck certainly looks better than Hasbros.
That and the circuit card plate. I think that is because they have a black wash to help with the proper look and not so plastic. When looking at the BS versio, I was thinking about how much better it would look with such a wash.

Historically when you compare BS and Legacy of the same hilt design, most, if not all reviews tend to show that theBS has brighter blade, louder sound, and better movement reaction FXs. And sometimes the Legacy tend to be bulkier.

On the other hand, the up side (IMHO) is that once you have a Legacy/Savi blade, you don’t have to spend more on the hilt or if you simply want the hilt as a static display piece. Because (once again IMHO) as just a static prop, I think most Legacy hilts are worth the price. However this Obi saber comes with a blade that will cause it to have a higher price so my previous point is moot.


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I prefer the fat neck sculpt of the Black Series over the GE fat neck. All the edges look more well defined.

As for the thin neck, I'm more torn on. The BS looks more plastic-y, but the colors aren't right either on the GE. Is it me or is the GE TOO thin on the thinnest sections?

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I’m thinking about putting the Black Series Dark Saber on my Amazon wedding registry. Is that in poor taste?

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