New Hasbro Toy Lightsabers


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It’s not a lightsaber, but this is new to GE. The buttons light up and can be pressed, it has sounds and the sides open by turning the handle. Gonna go over this week and see if I can find this and the baby sarlacc.
that is wicked cool. is it accurate in size?


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$50.00 found it on twitter.

Not sure that I need it for that price. I’ll check it out and decide when I’m there.
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I'm super excited about the new Hasbro Force Elite Obi-Wan. The parts don't quite match anything does it? But it's more of a hybrid looking hilt.

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On the GE front, this was just announced at celebration on stage via Facebook …

They just announced Darth Sidious and Plo Koon legacy lightsabers will be coming to Doc’s soon!

The Plo Koon is a no brained as it’s basically the same as Luminara Unduli’s hilt but without the gold accents.
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The Reva HasLab campaign is now live.

MicrosoftTeams-image_2_1500x.jpg Glam_FullRing_Blade_Branded_1500x.jpg Glam_HalfRing_Blade_Branded_1500x.jpg

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Vote fore the next Legacy hilt…

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