New cyberman pep build


I never thought i would say this but im really getting into Doctor Who at the moment and have recently watched the complete series 2 on dvd. Now im hooked and i gotta say the cybermen rule lol :) so here is my attempt of getting a pepakura cyberman costume together.

Yesterday i picked up a voice changer lid and also found one today. Will need to do alot of modding on this so any help and advice would be great.


First i though i would start with something small so i made the chest logo last night.



And about an hour ago i just finished the crotch. Might make a start on the chest tonight. :)

It looks great so far and it also gives me a good idea how fast you can at least start to knock parts of it out through Pepakura. However the files for the back of the cyberman helmet are off and has two high ridges instead of having the art deco sweep. An like you i have the Tesco Helmets, so if you find away to make it perfect please tell me how or make another back half for me :)

Thanks, i know that some files are not perfect but its a great base to start from, when i get round to fiberglass and filler i can make it more screen accurate. There is a good few topics on here where some people have already modded the lid but also check out the cyberman builders group.

I like the use of the wood dowels to help hold the correct shape on the finished piece, I'll have to borrow that idea for my pep projects
Ok guys here is a quick update, these are the finished pics of the chest. I've just ordered the jesmonite kit so while im waiting for that to arrive i think i will make a start on the back. enjoy :)




Im new to pepakura but here is what i have so far...The front side of the mask, the front of the chest and the Cybus Industries logo chest piece. the crotch and a good start on the back torso. Keep in mind that ive never even heard of pepakura until this project, so my work may not be as good as others here.

(UPDATE...I have completed the back of the mask as well.) havent taken a photo of it but i have attached it just so i could try it on and play around with it. I have decided to MOD one of the voice lids and attach a casted back panel to it instead, Im sure i will be much happier with the results.


The head piece had many, many small intricate parts to mark and cut out...I still had unfinished business here with the ears, but i have decided to build in foam so i side-tracked and started on other parts since i wasnt going to use this for the completed costume anymore.

pepakura chest.JPG
pepakura 5.JPG

The chest parts had many lines but were not as intricate as the parts for the mask so working on that seemed to move along much faster. Some parts of this seem to be inaccurate like the rounded arm holes that stick out on each side and also a circular piece on the chest which should be pointed in shape but for some reason its not...Its a good thing i have better knowledge about what my end result should look like so once built in foam i can fix these issues. Once im finished with it, i will start on the crotch next.
pepakura logo.JPG
pepakura logo2.JPG

The "C" logo was fun and quick to put together. I have the small triangles and the circular tube that goes with this piece but havent applied them just yet...

pepakura 3.JPG
pepakura 4.JPG

More views of the updated work with all parts placed together.

cyber crotch front.JPG
cyber crotch side.JPG

So here is the crotch part and i printed it out in color because i was curious to see what it would look like. Its shape looks pretty accurate..

pepakura back.JPG
pepakura back armour.JPG

Posting a pic of work i have so far of the back torso..
This part is not finished, however its atleast 95% to completion. I have put it aside for now.
pepakura page2.JPG
pepakura page1.JPG

I wanted to comment on something..Some of these parts just seem extremely difficult to work with because of the way the numbers overlap as seen in this photo ive posted.
left fore arm pepakura.JPG
left fore arm pepakura2.JPG

Work of the Left arm gauntlet in pepekura...has been upgraded to foam gauntlets.
cyberman voice changer.JPG

Picked up an excellent deal on a cyberman voice changer lid for $20.00, but i paid with money i made from taking it kinda feels like i acquired it for free so now i have two cyber lids.




I have completely UPGRADED the left glove..i have much "SHAME" for the old glove and decided that it was in NO WAY going to be used for this costume. What else can i say except for trial and error. However I am pleased with the results that have yielded from this latest upgrade.

cyber shoulder bells.jpg
cyber front.jpg

These are the bolts that ive made out of medicine bottle tops and foam -need 6 more to finish them up for a total of 12. In the photo to the right you can see ive placed the parts together just to see what it looks like so far...If you look close you can see that the chest appears bumpy, thats because it was when i took the pic, However I have since then eradicated those nasty bumps and now its as smooth as a babies butt. The neck piece doesnt quite show up in the photo as well as i would like.I have to say that Foam is a much better material to work with.


cyber side.jpg
Here is Weaselflingers cast of the backside of the far ive only trimmed the flashing off.
OK ive redone the "cyber diaper" or cod piece-butt in much happier with the way this looks and feels... I just need to slap on some sealer and paint thats it...the photo on the right shows the cuts that were made to shape the buttox
cyber keyhole.jpg
cyber keyhole 2.jpg

Here is just one of the Keyhole parts completed in foam, took about 3 hours to make but its spot on. I have made both of these but have only taken a photo of this one.
lower arm.jpg
lower arm 3.jpg

As of 3-10-12 i have completed Both the lower left arm and the lower right arm. Here are the photos of the left side only but they are identical just reversed. They look a little rough but that is because they have been covered in elmers glue to help the sealing process and then have been lightly sanded.



Today 3-14-12 i have designed my thighs and just need to work them up now..I used foil to get the correct shape of my leg and then wrapped it with duct tape and shaped it in the proper cyberman leg shape then cut it in half to open it up flat and attach to the foam for cutting. When it came time to draw out the shape of the leg detail, i just used many reference pics of the cyberman leg and began to hand draw it the best i could...i have to say that i think it came out well.


8 days later - Today 3-22-12 I have finished up the build for just one of the thighs only because i have been sick for the past 5 days now but i managed to drag myself to my workbench and finish up on the one for now. Atleast im half way there on these....except for the sealer and paint that is.

3-25-12 im still sick and havent done anything except think about this project and ive come to the conclusion that i might need to re build re design these thigh pieces. My thoughts are that the ridge around the outer thigh at the top of the thigh does not extend high enough on my leg as i believe it should. Unfortunately if i want it "RIGHT",I will need to rework it which will set me back in Money and Time. It takes 4 of these floor mats (one package) $10.00 to make this part.

3-27-12 I have re-designed the thigh again in aluminum foil with the "EXTENDED" length that i have been looking for to make this piece more screen accurate. I am still sick with the flu so this is all i have done at this point.

3-28-12 I have come across a 20% off one item coupon from harbor freight..expiration 3-31-12 so im printing it out and headed for the store. Sickly or not i cant pass this up because i need more foam especially due to the re-design issue on the thigh, not to mention im sure to need more for the upper arms which i am currently designing in my head at the moment since im not at my workbench.

4-5-12 Wow....ive made it through my illness finally and have had a chance to get back to my work bench. I have been working on the design pattern for the upper arms and have cut it out in foam. The left arm detailing pattern has been hand sketched and cut out to place on the foam matting for cutting, but i havent yet taken any photos of this work.

4-11-12 Todays update came a little later than i had expected, however its been worth the wait. I have not yet placed the dowel rod for permanent seating.
cyber upper arm.jpg
cyber upper arm 2.jpg

4-16-12 Ive only worked on trying to finish up more of the abdomen however not to completion. Tomorrow should bring about the unpainted and unsealed finish build for this part as long as i can get to my work bench sometime in the afternoon.

latest cyber.jpg
latest cyber 2.jpg

5-4-12 Ive finally gotten around to making the dummy stand for the suit and to aid in designing these parts. I decided that i wanted to give the paint a test run so i splashed a little on the chest.
cyber dummy.jpg
cyber dummy2.jpg

5-8-12 I thought i would try my hand at recreating the emotional inhibitor
cyberman emotional inhibitor.jpg
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looks good buddy im just waiting for some spare time to get the chance to smooth over the parts ive made then its on to make the arms and legs
Upgrade in progress.JPG

My upgrade in progress

Thanks, Ive found that when working with these pep files that some of the more intricate parts are very hard to see & read because of the numbers compiling on top of themselves when to fix that i have had to print those parts out without them having numbers just so i can see the piece itself. In spending so much time staring at small numbers and trying to match them after all the cutting and folding, i have found myself looking through a magnifying lighted lamp is a really big help for this type of work.:wacko
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A word of advice: I haven't finished many peps, but I have done a lot of them up to the gluing together stage, and IMO it's a really good idea to keep the numbers. I don't necessarily use them for matching sides, but they really come in handy for lining them up precisely. If you match the front and back edges of the numbers on either side, you have less chance of the two pieces warping out of shape and better odds of keep symmetrical parts symmetrical.
Great looking project!

Please forgive my ignorance on peps but is there a tutorial thread/page to help me understand it a bit more? I am very interested in making a Cybermen costume like this. I have a bunch of what I am guessing are remedial questions about it and was hoping someone could point me to a thread/page where I could read up on it before boring you with questions ;)

Scifidelity: google for the 405th forum (Halo costuming), there is a pepakuea section there with FANTASTIC tutorials and the like. I'd share a link but I'm on my phone ATM.
Wanted to share this idea..Ive been thinking alot about making my costume have its own sound system using a soundboard and speaker system that can be bought from , they have a t-shirt that contains a soundboard that you can Personalize with your own sounds
ThinkGeek :: Personal Soundtrack Shirt

Im just thinking this would be an excellent way to make the perfect sound system if you program in several different Cyberman phrases that can be DL from the internet. Imagine with a push of a button your cyber suit can "DELETE" or "UPGRADE" in true DOCTOR WHO FASHION. I am planning on hiding the speaker behind the Cybus Industries logo for now, that is when i get mine.
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sound like a great idea cybermancguy! thank you all for your kind words. Its been a while as ive been working on other projects but thought i would share what i have recently been up to.

I have a few cyberman lids about the place and as i cannot afford a MFX lid thought i would try my own. Using the pep file as a base i will add this to the back of the lid and fiberglass it together. this doesnt leave much room to get your head inside so will have to cut it in half and make a hinge system as they did in the series. enjoy the piccies :)



I just got my SFX Helmet in the post today and was just wondering what to do with the back portion of it. Is this just a modified version of one of the existing pep files? Have you made any plans for a fan/vent system in it? For the few moments I had it on messing around chasing my son it got really hot and humid inside the helmet. I'm going to dig around on the 405 and see if there are any plans for the fans used in the Halo helms that can be used in this one.
it is the helmet pep file and i only printed out the pages with the back of the helmet. no plans for the fans as of yet, i will do that when i know just how much room i have inside. the smallest fans i can get are about an inch by an inch which are pretty small.
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