Doctor Who - Ncuti's New Costume


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Here it is. Ncuti Gatwa's new outfit, I wasn't expecting it being so subdued.

Here it is. Ncuti Gatwa's new outfit, I wasn't expecting it being so subdued.
I really like this. It feels very much inspired by Capaldi's first outfit, with it's own spin on the style. I love the plaid, and the addition of the necklace and Gallifreyan rings to add that Doctor-y spin. I love the orange sweater, but I hope that it occasionally changes, like 10's brown and blue suits, or 11's red and blue bow ties.
Quick breakdown for everyone

The coat and trousers are from Nanushka, they’re separate but very similar patterns and both now sold out. The negatives of the pieces being store bought and not custom haha

The jumper has yet to be identified, and the boots are from Grenson. The Fred lug boot in tan, they’re thankfully still available but running out of sizes

No word on the rings, they could be custom or store bought but like Capaldi’s I’m sure if they were made for the production whoever did will speak up soon.

I for one love the outfit and hope that since the coat and pants aren’t custom they’ll bring in different shades of the outfit.

Imagine a coat and trousers in similar close shades of green and a jumper in bright blue or the coat and trousers in royal blue and a bright yellow jumper. I think that’d be brilliant, and if not just changing the color of the jumper with the brown outfit to ground it could also be nice.
Looks for a modern Dr. Not as flamboyant as previous ones, but this feels a bit upscale and modern with a nice touch of color. I'm sure he'll have different outfits, but this is a nice solid contrast to the stereotypical cartoony outfits we've had for decades now.
What is the sudden obsession with plaid? David Tennant's new costume is a lot of brown plaid too. I think it's a little dull. Plaid on plaid looks like a test pattern. Usually you see plaid with solid colors to not be over powering (Plaid pant, solid coat, etc... Plaid coat, solid pants etc.). I'm sure if he's good as the Doctor the costume will grow on me.

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