New Costume Coming Soon...


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Costume Life-sized Coming soon... - YouTube
I had this new mask for awhile now but kept it quiet. I sold my old one and then wanted another one to someday do this life-sized again, but not just a life-sized but also a costume, which I have been wanting to do for awhile now. Hope to have this done in the coming months and should be sick! Stay tuned!

Just in case anyone did not tune in, Gary Sales, Paul Ehlers, and Jimmy Steele Did an interview radio show hosted by Derek Young I believe, was really awesome! I even got a shout out from Gary towards the end about an upcoming project, awesome! That was around an hour and 16 minutes in, 76:05 I believe, you can open it in windows media player too. Can't wait for the reboot to come out I have a feeling it is going to be great and true to the old film.
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Teaser pics of the uncut new mask which is my second, and may be getting a 3rd for wearing. In the 2nd one I tried to simulate the candle light scene in the end where he gets stabbed, came out pretty cool looking and close to the lighting.

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