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Hello All,

I joined this forum not to long ago with the intensions of building a predator suit.  I've never sculpted before and think this would be a good opportunity to try.  I initially wanted to do the suit with just the bio helmet but I've been unable to find any threads of people doing just that.  It seems that you almost need the mask to attach the helmet to.  I will probably try the mask anyhow, but since I'm a beginner at this, I wanted to be able to fall back to the helmet and still try to do a great looking predator.  Is that even possible?

Thanks so much.  I really am looking forward to this.

A few of our local hunters have based their heads off of motorcycle helmets.  I look through The Lair and didn't find a build thread this way but they should be here somewhere. 

He doesn't have good build pics that I can find right now but this head is based on a motorcycle helmet.  The bio is glued to the front and the dreads are glued all the way around.
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