New Batman Bust, check it out!

Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by Jawafive, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Jawafive

    Jawafive Sr Member

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    Check this bad boy out. lifesize.



    I love it..

    While this isn't an interest thread, if you're interested in one, shoot me a PM.

  2. streetjudge79

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    For a sec I thought it was Jay Leno as batman. :)
    It's different. Kind of cartoony but cool.
  3. PropReplicator

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    I think it's the narrowness of the eyes that are making it look a bit cartoonish. I just widened them out a bit here using Photoshop.


    Is this your sculpt? I dig it, even with the cartoony feel to it.

  4. Simmon M

    Simmon M Sr Member

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    I think I remember Matt saying that this sculpt was inspired by Alex Ross' take on Batman.

    This turned out great. I think it would have looked better if the sculpt stopped at the end of the cowl but that's very minor to say the least. It looks great.

    What is it made out of?
  5. Jawafive

    Jawafive Sr Member

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    you nailed it Simon. This is made of latex. There's also a werable one, but I haven't gotten around to getting one yet.

  6. KenKenobi2

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    There's something intimidating about the set of the eyes. In the right lighting it could freak you out. I'd love to see it even more menacing.

    Very nice piece .

  7. Darth Kahnt

    Darth Kahnt Sr Member

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    Nice pics. :)
  8. Jawafive

    Jawafive Sr Member

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    Thanks guys.
  9. saber_holder

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  10. Black Bat

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    Looking good Matt. :D

  11. The Mantis

    The Mantis Sr Member

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    Who is the cartoonist that does The almost reminds me of a version he would do of Batman...really very different which is nice to see.
  12. gunnerk19

    gunnerk19 Master Member

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    Ya beat me to it... I was thinkin' "The Tick" at the first photo...

    "Space Ghost" came to mind too for some reason...
  13. Rylo

    Rylo Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Me three. I was thinkin' the tick, too. In that cartoonish sort of way...
    I love Ross. That "real person" beaten and tired look is tough to capture.

  14. imaginager

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    Nice. I think the "look" is more affected by the length of the face. In pretentious art classes I was always taught that, proportionately, the distance between eyes (for humans) is the width of one eye. Not just the eyeball, but the skin that comprises the corners of eyes, etc. This rule of thumb seems to work pretty well in real life.

    Anyway, just a random thought.

    Nice job. That's a great look for Batman. :thumbsup

    EDIT: spelling boo-boos

    BATIMAN Well-Known Member

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    Looking cool.....................nice bust (been dying to say that LOL)


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