New 501st On The Way!

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by xmart, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. xmart

    xmart Well-Known Member

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    We just decided to start a new 501st division here in Turkey .
    We have around 30 people who wants to join to the group.
    Our main problem is the armor, so we decided to ite the bullet and produce our own. We have a vacuum table but we are in need of a suit to work on.
    What should we do people? How to get some molds for our vacuum table and make around 30 sets of armor for the people who wants to join the group.
    We want to have the costs down as much as possible, to make more people happy that wants to join in. An FX suit will do with a proper sized helmet I think, so what should we do?

    We need a definate brain you guys are the best to ask..please help that we can carry the joy of 501st to the other side of the world.
  2. Dean O

    Dean O Well-Known Member

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    Sounds like a good time to learn to sculpt. :)
  3. xmart

    xmart Well-Known Member

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    Yeah thats an option..but time makes it pretty hopeless..People around here (that I know) are not experienced with sculpting let alone sculpting a full trooper armor ;)
  4. Jimbo890

    Jimbo890 Well-Known Member

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  5. xmart

    xmart Well-Known Member

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    Whats the best material to use in a sculpt something this large?
  6. vaderfanforever

    vaderfanforever Active Member

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    Great news. Always good to hear of another Garrison for the Fighting 501st.

    You are ALL going to be Stormtroopers??? :eek :confused Is there anyone in your group that has the build for a Vader? Personally, there should be at least one of you guys as Vader. That would just look weird.

  7. xmart

    xmart Well-Known Member

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    Yeah luckily we do have a professional Vader :) and another guy with SDS/AA armor for now..

    Should we do a recast of an existing armor? as far as we won't sell them?
  8. Cenobyte

    Cenobyte Sr Member

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    Might want to remove that last part.

    I agree with the others on making your own sculpt.

    Once you start talking about recasting another person's work, this will be the AA/SDS debate all over again.
  9. xmart

    xmart Well-Known Member

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    I tried to say that maybe one of the people who sculpted an armor will let us to use his own molds.

    I don't want to turn this into a SDS thread :D
  10. natty15d

    natty15d Well-Known Member

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    this is just hilarious..... LOL

    So what you are basically, publically, saying is

    "heah guys im going to recast the @#$%. out of someone elses work, whos is the best so i can copy it & where do i get it ?"

    thats the best yet on here LOL

  11. WebChief

    WebChief Sr Member

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    :lol So you're actually publically stating that you want to recast someone else's work and make 30 suits? I think that's probably the wrong approach here. :rolleyes
  12. Got Maul

    Got Maul Official Licensee RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    just because you're NOT selling it, doesn't mean you're not recasting. The fundamental truth is, if you went to that original artist and ASKED him if you could what your proposing to do, he would most definitely say no. In other words, no permission granted .

    if its AFX armor you seek, there are a lot of dealers here who could help you out and keep costs low, most likely getting you a darn good group discount.

    If this isn't the information you seek, then I would seriously withdraw this thread, its heading down a bad road.
  13. WookieeGunner

    WookieeGunner Well-Known Member

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    Getting this back on track and away from the recast pitchforks.

    The best material to sculpt on depends on what you have. Some people use wood, some clay, I've even seen one guy who uses floral foam. Here is a website that has some real good tutorials on how to do this type of stuff:


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    uh...for all of you who are jumping onto xmart because of the 'recasting' issue, I suggest you READ a coupla posts up where he SAYS:

    "I tried to say that maybe one of the people who sculpted an armor will let us to use his own molds."

    While he initially didn't include the "using molds" part, the confusion can easily be chalked up to , oh I don't know, but MAYBE a language issue.? maybe?

    Just trying to keep it civil as these sorta things are very easily sidetracked into derailment... :)
  15. carves

    carves Well-Known Member

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    You should not use the word recast or alike in here.
    It has been a very debateable thing here in RPF, and people does get hurt when the word recast tag along.

    I believe the best thing to do is to find someone who good at sculpting, then since later on people will ask you the infamous "origin of the mold", you must produce pictures showing that you did make your own mold to cover your self that you are not recasting someone elses work.

    And believe me, the expert will watch your finish armor and compare them.

  16. moffeaton

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    I suggest machining them all out of metal. Every month offer a new part of the armor like a subscription service.

  17. Watson

    Watson Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    That is a really cool idea


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