Neuromancer satchel WIP, slowly building Case costume

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Love William Gibson and Neuromancer. I found a lot of concept art around the internet with generally three variants of Henry Case's appearance. all but one of them has some sort of satchel bag for gear or goods.i would like to make the entire costume but that's a ways off.
So i started with a gas mask bag and acrylic paint. i practiced on a few things to perfect the technique but i wanted to turn this bag into a WW III surplus Japanese gas mask bag. I imagined they would be cheap and avaliable after WW3.
My granddad had a Japanese rifle from WW2 and i copied the arsenal markings and the acceptance stamps on to the bag. the four circles and the nearly divided circle is the logo for Toyo kogyo co. ltd know modern day as Mazda co. the katakana character Se is stamped all over so i assume it was a acceptance stamp. i have that plus beneath the arsenal mark i wrote: Fuchu japan 203* (year) to the get look of a runny ink stamp i blotted the tacky acrylic paint with a kitchen sponge repeatedly.
on the front to the best of my ability i wrote: gas mask ( Lit. respirator face) type 5.
on the back in sharpy i wrote Case Henry and the address of a capsule hotel in Chiba city that i found on google maps and that is the sort of places Case lived.
now the sad part :wacko most of this is going to wash off, i managed to dial in my technique that that gets that dated look with acrylic paints and a few goes around in the washing machine. still in the world of neuromancer its old, worn and cheap so and i imagine it is what Case would have around his waist. so this is my first pass before weather, but afterwards i will add oil stains and perhaps a few buttons for a personal touch although nothing too flashy because he was a back alley dweller.
also going to get some Japanese phone cards and things that Case would have in it, he probably lived out of a satchel any how given how much of a broke transient he was. although this is just the beginning of the project i wanted to share and get some feed back.

also has any one used old plastic G3 pouches before? i was going to get one or two to hold a power supply for some LED's for the goggles and implants.


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the first pass of the weathering. have not added the oil stains yet and also waiting on amazon for some Sakura pens to get the fine detail with stamps and girlfriend graffiti on the bag. Im finding the acrylic paint is a some what unpredictable beast. moving ahead none the less.


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ok, so things washed away and stained a bit. i got the front where i want it. the black around the snaps is candle soot. the Mazda logo on the side washed off, but my sakura pens showed up and i added different logos and acceptance stamps i copied of my grand dads arisaka. i think im pretty much there for the post wwIII surplus japanese gas mask bag. now to add a few little personal touches. case seems like a practical guy so i dont want to over do it. what i thought about was a Kirin beer patch and an Aces and eights patch, a bit of gallows humor. this is where i am so far. comments and critique'n welcome. i have a few small things like a torn off luggage tag to add. still a WIP. thoughts?


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Some small change.

The thing that immediately jumped to mind were microsofts, but I don't think Case had a slot in his head. Still, they might just be a convenient way to carry data physically, and they'd be easy to fabricate out of some thick plastic card stock...

I have some Russian labels for data tapes I made up, for when I made a samizdata tape from "Red Star, Winter Orbit," if you can get your hands on some old data tapes, and you think Case might be carrying one. Upon further consideration, a data tape seems like an oddly low-tech thing to be carrying around in the world of "Neuromancer." Your call.

thanks, ill get my hands on some and see what i come up with. im also going to make a capsule key card out of 4mm aluminum sheeting and some bobbles. the cool part is that in that world there are a lot of brand new and very old items and subtle things here and there. im still on the fence about how or even if Case would have personalized his satchel. the fun part is the stuff im going to put in it.
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