Nerf Maverick Mod for Short


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I've recently started out making props with the intention of shooting some shorts for youtube.

This is my second project, the first being a foam armour suit that is infeasible for use on the screen as it restricts movement for the wearer.

I sanded off the logos and manufacturer's marks by hand and sprayed it black. Nothing fancy. I may put some wear on it with some chrome spray paint, but undecided as yet.

I used Kobra spray paint on this and my last project. I like that for its acrylic style, it gives a really smooth matte look and goes on pretty much anything.
I stupidly turned the barrel over to spray the back before the front had dried and the paint took some of the newspaper with it... that will need to be touched up with chrome paint on a rag I feel.

Apologies for the poor quality of the pics, I've included them mainly for reference on the internal parts, as you can't see too much of the detail on the finished product

I'll look to make a video when I get the time to setup the lighting.
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