Nerf M41A mod and paint


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Greetings everybody! Figured I’d post my first prop build and get some input, suggestions, etc.

As many others have done, I’m painting the Nerf M41A pulse rifle from Aliens. Knowing the shortcomings of the toy, I don’t intend to go “screen/prop accurate.” Instead, I want something that looks good enough to be appreciated by a fan. I intend to leave it as a firing Nerf gun, so the inaccurate barrel and all the internals are staying.

So far, I’ve removed the shroud, sanded off all of the markings, removed most of the paint, and sanded down the seam lines. The warning gibberish was covered with plaplate (intend to make decals to turn those into serial number and weapon id plates) and formed a few fake screw heads from green stuff. Screw holes in the main gun have been filled.

So, next step is paint. I’m an experienced scale modeler (mostly mecha/gunpla with scratchbuilding, kitbashing, and paint experience), but this is my first prop build so I’m not totally in my comfort zone. I’ve seen a few possible techniques for the weathered look (paint over silver and rub with steel wool, rub n buff, old classic dry brushing), but I’m curious about opinions, good/bad of each. I want this to be a build that can be handled when it’s done.


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