Need to make a prop for school (beginner-new)

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by HandsomeDave, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. HandsomeDave

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    I just joined this forum today, hope to get some good knowledge off here. But my question is, I'm not sure what to make... May sound like a stupid question, but I need to make a weapon or any prop from a movie, etc. for my production class.

    I was going to do a bow and arrow, but I thought I would rather do something film wise, that I would find interesting.

    Is there anything you guys started out with making that was semi-easy, and affordable?

    Appreciate the help, :)
  2. PhoenixVader

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    Hmmm, Hardware Lightsaber? other than that, what are you interested in? What is your favorite movie?

    Give us a little more to go on and I am sure you will have a ton of ideas come your way.

  3. 3jack

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    Get yourself a nerf longshot, paint it up, bit of modding and you've got a terra nova prop.
  4. HandsomeDave

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    Anything really, I love all sorts of movies, the Bourne trilogy to Star Wars, anything goes.
  5. Rick H

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    Props can be scratch built, made using pepakura, or built on another item (base) like nerf guns. I would guess it all depends on your budget. What tools and materials you have available, Time factor, And your skill set. There's thousands of movie props. A table lamp can be a movie prop. Then there are weapon props. Both Sci-fi and real world based. Just need to find what you would like to try.
    While I cant speak for anyone here. It does seem that the members here are will to help out if they can.
  6. TheStig

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    You can make a fairly decent looking lightsaber out of sink tubes and other random PVC parts. It's pretty easy to do, just take a tube, and put on some random parts. Give it a coat of metallic paint and you're done.

    You could also find a briefcase, stick in a yellow light, and now you're carrying whatever Marcellus Wallace wanted in the briefcase from Pulp Fiction.
  7. Chris27989

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  8. mikey123mushukl

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    Go to for PDF paper life size models of the pulse rifle from aliens / Lawgiver from Judge Dredd / Phased plasma rifle from Terminator.... Just to name a few. Print the model out on cardstock and you are good to go. There is also a very simple iron man helmet PDF.

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