need some color help...

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the boba slave one is a tricky paintjob. Its got layers of colors

Base of a medium light gray. followed by layers of pink or green based on where you're at on the model followed by Red or green... If you're not familiar with layering and uncovering I'd practice first on some scrap. if using acrylics you can add water before the paint is fully cured and scrape off stuff. if using enamel you can used partially dissolved salt (that has since hardened) to create the effect... both take some practice. The Slave one is a deceptively complex, while simple looking effect to accomplish in paint.

Not trying to dissuade you - just trying to make you aware :)

Jedi Dade


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There is an excelent step by step build/paintgudie of the Slave 1 made by Fichtenfoo here
/FichtenFoo » Boba Fett?s Slave 1

I got my FM slave still in the box up in my study since x-mas, and its not a model i will build anytime soon as The paint job needs some serious planning like jedi Dade raid
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ahhhh ok ..thank you...I should have spent a little more for the Fine Molds one but the AMT was a real good buy ..5$ brings back some memories of the past with this thing :p


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I am actually thinking to buy the Hasbro Slave I and mod it, got a Hasbro TIE, TIE Interceptor and the A-wing just sitting around waiting. Somehow I like the Bigger size better then the fiddly 1/72 many projects and NO TIME! :p
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