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Wolven Hunter

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Hey everyone. I may sound like a big complainer, but I'm in serious need of help. I planning on making my own homemade costume, and any help I can get from experienced hunters will be EXTREMLY appreciated. I'm a serious fan of PREDATOR, and I've already named my Predator, so now all I need is a costume. I don't like complaining, so if it weren't neccisary, I wouldn't be doing this. My plans are making a mask, and a helmet that fits on top of that stays in place. PLEASE HELP THIS POOR NEWB!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Go introduce yourself in our Introduction Thread.

Like 3jack says. Goto Page 1 of the old threads, and start reading. Research is key to forming good questions.

ASking how to make a mask and a helmet is like asking me how to build a home.

I could just say you get a hammer, nails and wood, but there are literally a million ways to do the exact same thing.
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