Need help with "Nice List" prop for Santa.


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I'm "A Friend of Santa Claus" , and for a few upcoming engagements he'd like to 'look busy' working on the nice list while waiting for the visiting children.

He has access to legal paper, and some aged looking letter paper.

Anyone have anything handy?
Sorry this is a late reply hope it's not to late for you but here's one i made for my Dad last year as he dresses up as Santa for the kids in our street, so he can write the names on it.


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I'm a Santa, and I'm working on a "Naughty/Nice" book myself. I had some elementary school teachers get their kids to write "letters to Santa", and I will cram them into the pages of the book, with things like names circled, adresses scribbled down, checks or exes, and the pages get aged with tea or coffee and crumpled.

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