need help name that movie


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i need to find out the name of a war movie i saw in the 80's or 90's movie was a lot older than this. could have been black and white or early colour. dont remember a lot about it, but at the end a squad of americans i think have to make a dash for a ship through enemy held terratory. the squad built road vehicles out of old war planes and helicopters and car and truck parts laying around (was a hangar at a military airstrip deserted?) very A Team stylee helicopter cockpit part on 4x4 chassis with rocket pods and guns, truck chassis with spitfire shape body on? at a guess the film would be from 60's but i was only about 8 when i saw it so cant remember too much. am wanting to make scale models of the vehicles but need a name of the movie to start looking for pics.

hope this is in the right place as im new round these pages :confused

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