Need help iding logo

Egon Spengler

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This is a logo from a video game placed on a television. It's lacking a lot of detail obviously and even if I zoomed in it wouldn't reveal anymore than what you can see here.

My question is there. Are there any actual television logos that look anywhere even slightly close to this?

A lot of wishful thinking with this post..



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Something to consider: If the maker of the video game wanted to use a real worl logo for another company, there are a lot of legal hoops that must be jumped through. Most companies will Trade Mark their logo, and using it with out their permission can get you in court on the wrong end of a law suit. Of course... they'll go through a "cease and decist" order first, but you get the idea. It would by much faster and easier (not to mention cheaper) to have the art department make up a fictitious logo for the appliance.

Now, it's certainly possible that the video game maker did go through the legal process of getting another company's permission to use their logo... it's just unlikely.

In addition to all that... that doesn't look like the logo of any television manufacturer that I'm aware of.

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Just thought of something: Some games are manifactured over seas for other makets (Japan being the biggest). When the bring them to the U.S. they change the text to English and re-record voices if neccessary, but they generally don't change much else. If that is a real world logo (and I seriously doubt that it is for the reasons mentioned above) then it's possible it's a manufacturer a U.S. or European consumer might not be familiar with.

Egon Spengler

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Yeah I thought so. Well I'll just make the best representation of it I can. Even so, if anyone does happen to recognize it help would be appreciated.