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Hey all,
I need a little help with an upcoming theater project. I have to make an old dueling style black powder pistol. The catch is, I need to make it with a functional trigger/hammer. All I need is for the hammer to fall when the trigger is pulled.
My question to you all is, does anyone have any plans to make the working trigger? or any ideas on how to do it?

Please let me know. I could really use the help.



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The quickest, easiest way to do this is to buy an existing lock and fabricate your trigger. I'd suggest searching eBay for a cheap CVA lock -- heck, if percussion is okay you could buy one of those $10 or so Paris (I think) sidelock toys and yank the lock out of that.


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Oh yeah, before I forget -- depending on how nice you want to make your repro, there are all KINDS of various pieces of furniture for black powder guns you could use to dress up your piece at Track of the Wolf --

Now, the locks are functional, and spendy for a theater non-working piece ($120 up, as I recall).. but you can find all manner of raw brass castings for trigger guards, butt caps, so forth and so on for not much coin.

Lookie here --


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the kapowwe guns would be a good base to start from if you want to keep it cheap.

just redo the woodwork and color all the metal to be more like you want. you could build up the trigger guard a bit with bondo to give a more hefty casting look.

I used a brass cabinet knob and knob baseplate to decorate up a pistol I made a while back.
made a pommel end out of them, really made the gun look alot more fancy quickly.

I heated the end of the PVC pipe I used for the barrel and used a light bulb to flare the barrel end. I cleaned it up In the lathe and it came out pretty good. gigantic but good.

BUT.... it was supposed to look cartoonish, so take it with a grain of salt and call me in the morning. :D