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***UPDATE 12/04***

Face just nedds a tiny bit of tweeking and texture, the original is on the left and mine is on the right.

An original (with non-removable faceplate) from the propstore


Thanks for lookin'



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Sure looks like that helmet.
The original that was on display at the prop party last year was a work of amazing quality and skill.
Actually all the necromonger suits are made as well, some of the best fiberglass costumes I have ever seen. I learned a few things from them.
The magnetic latching mechanism on the front face piece alone had me floored.


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3.5 hours?.? WOW....

With a week you could build one of those big columnar Necromonger spike things the size of a skyscrapper... 1:1 :)


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Hey, Im not lucky. :lol

...or rich unfortunately.

That would be mine. its one of two hero helmets made for the film. By hero, I mean that the face plate is removable. there are also two with faces that do not come off but the quality is identical on all four. The finishing on the helmet is astounding. its just much much nicer than you see on most screen used pieces. Definately a favorite piece of mine.


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Thanks for the compliments guys.

And Jason, I'm really curious about how the faceplate attaches. If you have pics, and you don't mind sharing, I'd love to see 'em.


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Like Morph said - it's his. That was the only pic I took, and at the time the pic was taken, I hadn't seen the film - I just loved the look of his helmet, and the quality blew me away. The variegated leaf, leather lining - wow. I think the face attached via magnets? I can't remember Mike moving any latches....

That sculpt is awesome. And now that I've seen the movie, I have a better appreciation for the "big baddie".



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Yeah. and lose the neck and back of the head too. :p

Seriously, great work on your sculpt. It's a great replica of a GREAT prop.



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Gabe, the armature underneath has ears, they aren't sculpted, but it's easy to see how you might think that from the crappy pics.

The pics of the original prop that I have from the London propstore, look like the 4 faces were cast from the same mold and then assembled, altered, and cast again along with the top of the helmet (at least that's my plan).

Once the whole thing is molded, I'm considering a very limited run before retiring the mold. It is not going to be fun to cast this thing in fiberglass.

Morpheus, if you have pics of the inside and/or how the main face attaches, I'd love to see 'em. If you'd rather not, that's cool too.

Thanks again for all the kind words, it's killin' me to not work on this thing all day while I'm at work.
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