FanSets TWOK Insignia Facelift


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I've a few TWOK badges (Roddenberry, Xscapes, Parkes) so I was excited when FanSets announced their TWOK chest badge, but a bit disappointed with some aspects of it when mine arrived, particularly the rounded tips and weird looking texture/colour of the delta and the colours on the backing plaque seemed too light. I decided to give them a bit of a makeover. I removed the delta, stripped the strange coppery finish off, sanded it smooth and sharpened the "points". Painted it a metallic brown with some copper-chrome misting. For the backing I mixed up some paint to match the colours found on the Roddenberry shop badge, a sort of custardy-cream and a kind of RAF blue grey and got to work with a brush. Much happier with them now. They're a good badge to tweak if you've a bit of time!


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